One Minute Magic

Post date: Aug 23, 2011 2:53:5 AM

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Minute Magic: perform anything you like, but it needs to be a minute or less.

It was great to see some old faces and new faces at the meeting in March. Tim and I tried some new things to get the meetings rolling, and I think they are working out. Streamlining the announcements by breaking them up with the magic performances seemed to work well. We are going to continue that format at the next meeting. This is another one of the many things we're working on to make worthwhile meetings. Please send me your feedback and thoughts.

And what about all the snacks and drinks? Was it for a special occasion or celebration? Not necessarily, though we're actually trying to treat EVERY meeting as a special occasion, so the food and perks are going to continue. This is Tim Jennings’ generous way of making us feel welcome. It is great to have Tim as a partner leading the Ring. Be sure to thank him at the next meeting.

April is our last fiscal year meeting and we have a lot in store. The theme is One Minute Magic: perform anything you like, but it needs to be a minute or less. As in every meeting, doing so will earn you five Mark Wilson dollars and a chance to win a free lecture at the Magic Apple. Last month, our Vice President, Tim Jennings, won the free lecture.

This month we have 2 special raffle prizes: Dresscode by Calen Morelli (DVD and gimmicks) and if we sell $75 worth of raffle tickets, a beautiful metal appearing cane donated by Barry Sokolsky. Barry tells me that he was offered $200 for this cane, which by the way, was made in Japan. Thank you for the wonderful donation Barry!

We are also having our world famous Mark Wilson Auction. Once again our auctioneer is Bob Love, and this year he has some special tricks up his sleeve. Be sure to check out the items up for bid listed later in this newsletter. Even if you don’t have a lot of Wilson bucks, the auction should be thoroughly entertaining to watch.

Here are some of the other items on the agenda:

· The Ring will be presenting the Outstanding Opening Performance Award.

· Glenn Crites will be our Teach-a-Trick magician.

· Barry will share his latest Bet’cha Don’t Have This.

See you in April!