February: Character Magic

Post date: Jan 19, 2012 5:52:15 PM

Character Magic - Become a “character” and perform a trick or routine that goes with your character. For example, a chef character might perform a trick with pots, pans, and a spatula. A scientist might do a magical experiment with beakers and test tubes. A nerd character could do a trick with pens, pencils, and books. An electrician could perform an effect with an extension cord and a light bulb. In other words, get creative! Perform anything you like, but it has to fit the character you have chosen to perform as.

Anyone who performs to theme will earn 5 Mark Wilson bucks and a chance to win a free $20 gift certificate to Hocus-Pocus.com.

Andrew Grill will be our opening act, and we will also be accepting nominations for our 2012-2013 officers. I strongly encourage our new members to consider running for a position on the board.

Our top raffle prize for the evening is Twisted Sisters 2.0 by John Bannon (DVD + Gimmick).