August 11, 2016: Rope Magic

Post date: Aug 08, 2016 7:54:48 PM

At our August 11th meeting, the Ring will welcome back “meeting themes” in a somewhat modified manner with Rope Magic! Moving forward, themes will be focused on more “core” categories of magic (e.g. card sleights, self-working magic, coins, mentalism, etc.) to encourage learning tricks that might actually become part of one’s performing repertoire, rather than merely one-time creative exercises. To better integrate performances and teaching/learning new magic in our meetings, we are encouraging (but not requiring) folks to teach the theme trick that they perform. We expect to announce themes for every other (or maybe every third?) meeting. This schedule should permit plenty of time to research and learn (or perfect) a new effect for performing and (hopefully) teaching. Note that performing to theme is not required at a theme meeting; we will plan to fit in any non-theme performances as time permits.