March 2015: Four-Corners Teach-In

Post date: Mar 02, 2015 7:7:17 PM

After nominations in the March meeting, we will have a Four-Corners Teach-In, a Ring 280 classic. Ring 280 President Steve Silverman, along with several others, will be presenting and teaching tricks. It will be informal, so if there's anything in particular (from the material I mention in the story below) that you would like to learn, Steve will be prepared and happy to teach it. Bring your cards, half-dollars, silver dollars, copper coins, Chinese coins, strings, etc., and we’ll all have some fun teaching, learning, and performing.

Looking ahead to April (and May):

Our April meeting will be the election of officers. If you will not be able to make our April meeting, you’ll still be able to vote by absentee ballot. This process will be explained to you during the March meeting. Our Mark Wilson Auction will also occur in April, with additional bidding and buying at the May meeting as well. Yes, for the first time, the auction will occur at two meetings this year. Half of the auction items will be auctioned in April, and the other half in May, just after the installation of our new officers. After the April Mark Wilson Auction, we will have open performances. It should be quite a jam-packed evening.