January through March 2014

Post date: Dec 30, 2013 5:31:13 PM

The first three months of 2014 will be an opportunity for our Ring members to learn some new magic and some new ideas and thinking about magic.

January: Sponge Ball Workshop

Our January meeting will feature a mini sponge ball workshop by Brian Hoffman and Bob Love. If you do not already own some, go out and get yourself a set of sponge balls and bring them to the January meeting. You will not be disappointed. Both Brian and Bob Love will share some good tips and routines using them. I'm sure there will also be an opportunity to share and to perform at the January meeting as well.

February: Steve Silverman Lecture

Bring a deck of cards to the February meeting. Steve Silverman will dust off an old lecture that he presented to both SAM and IBM Rings back around the year 2000. The tricks will be from beginning to intermediate level, but they will all teach the thinking behind the magic which he thinks is the most important part.

March: Ring 280 Teach-In

Our March 2014 meeting will be another Ring 280 Teach-In. We did this last summer and it was a very successful session. We will form into "small" groups, size based on attendance. Similar to the four corners approach, but the groups will change at least once, with brand-new faces at each table. More on this is in the March newsletter.

Opening performers:

January – Everett

February – Jim Thompson

March – Fred King