January 2012: Eric Buss Lecture

Post date: Jan 06, 2012 5:9:25 PM

Eric Buss Lecture

January 12, 2012

Doors open at 7pm, lecture starts at 7:30pm

Ring 280 Members: $5

Non-Members: $10


Eric Buss graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Theatre, and an emphasis on acting. He was the head instructor at David Goodsell’s West Coast Wizard Magic Camp for 7 years. Many young minds were warped. He has written articles for numerous magic publications including MAGIC Magazine. Eric has two original pieces of magic that are on the market to magicians: The “Phoney” Magnet and “incREDiBULL.” Both of these props are handmade and sold by Eric. He is also a graduate of “The Second City,” considered the Ivy League of comedy schools. Eric is a magician, comedian, inventor, actor, teacher, husband and goof ball.


Eric loves to lecture, as long as he doesn’t have to lecture about chemistry to MIT students. That was a very awkward afternoon that he would like to forget. He apologizes to the entire chemistry department and reminds them that bologna is highly-flammable.

Eric prefers to lecture to magicians. But he actually prefers NOT to call it a lecture… it’s more of an informal chat about magic creativity, character development, improvisation, as well as a few routines performed, taught and sold. But since that’s way too many syllables and words, we’ll call it a lecture. Eric usually opens his lecture with a few simple improvisational games that gets everyone’s energy and creative juices flowing in a very safe and supportive environment. It also puts most magicians out of their comfort zone, which is a perfect way to grow as a performer. Throughout the lecture, Eric discusses many different methods and formulas for creating original magic and adding theatrical strength to your act. It’s a casual atmosphere and questions and discussions are always welcome.

In addition to that, Eric will also be performing some bits from his act and selling and teaching a few magical gems that he has invented. He usually finishes the lecture with stories from his Letterman and Jerry Lewis experiences. If you ever want to perform on TV, these stories are priceless.


Co-me-dy Im-ag-i-na-tor: Kah-me-dee I-maj-uh-ney-ter

1. A clever and funny person who imagines crazy concepts and inventions, turns them into reality, and performs them for an audience with hilarious results. (noun)

2. Eric Buss (noun)

Eric Buss was born in Tucson, Arizona. When he was born, the doctors all laughed at him. That laughter gave Eric a rush… or it could have been the snipping of the umbilical cord… either way, at the age of seven seconds he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up… Later in life, at the ripe age of 8, he learned how to tinker in his dad’s workshop… or as Eric used to call it, “Dad’s Magical Tool and Gadget Nirvana.” At 16, probably after ingesting some paint chips, he decided to make day dreaming and performing comedy magic a career. He never looked back.

Although most would agree that his props are totally awesome, it’s Eric’s personality that wins audiences over. His high-energy, and hilarious act has been called, “Pure Art, Pure Madness!” It combines pogo sticks, wigs, frozen turkeys, dancing licorice, impaled rabbits, and 375 spring snakes into a non-stop ride of mischief and magical gadgetry that most people could never imagine. Eric not only imagined it, he turned it into an award-winning act that he has performed around the world and on “The Late Show” with David Letterman. In fact, Letterman called his performance “Tremendous, sensational, beautiful and a real crowd pleaser,” and that was only 90 seconds of it! If he can impress Letterman, he must be good!

Eric’s hard work began to pay off at the age of 20, when he won the coveted “Stage Champion of the Year” award at the world convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Since then, Eric has performed on five continents and on TV in six countries. Did we mention, he was a featured guest on “The Late Show” with David Letterman? He has also appeared on the “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon” and has shared the stage with William Shatner at the world renowned “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal. He made a command performance for the Royal Family of Monaco at their annual International Magic Gala in Monte Carlo. Eric is also a graduate of The Second City, considered the “Ivy League of Comedy Schools.”

Now, at the age of “adult,” Eric spends most of his time either in his own workshop (Eric’s Magical Tool and Gadget Nirvana), or on stages around the world performing his clever brand of comedy, which is glued to his unique style of magic and props, which is duck-taped to his energetic personality. He loves the results!