June 2017: Mark Wilson Auction and 3 Corners

Post date: Jun 02, 2017 8:44:40 PM

We will be trying our best on June 8th to live up to the high standard set by last month’s meeting with not one, but TWO special events. The first of these will be our annual Mark Wilson Auction, conducted by seasoned auctioneer Bob Love. This year, the Board has obtained a dozen magic items that will be auctioned off to members using the Mark Wilson Dollars that they have earned. This special currency is awarded to members who perform to theme at Ring meetings, contribute articles to the newsletter, and/or volunteer to perform at (or otherwise assist with) community events that the Ring supports (such as the SCV Touch-a-Truck event or Boys and Girls Club Festival of Trees and Holiday Hocus Pocus show). We have a wide selection of items to bid on this year; please see the article elsewhere in this newsletter for a complete listing. Finally, remember that unused Mark Wilson Dollars earned in previous years may be used in this year’s auction, but you must remember to bring the physical Mark Wilson Dollars to the meeting!

The second special activity at the next meeting will be a “3-corners Teach-In.“ This is amazingly similar to the somewhat more traditional “4-corners Teach-In” … only with one less corner! We will have three teaching stations, each manned with a volunteer teacher prepared to teach a magic effect in detail. The rest of the attendees will break up into three groups, and then rotate between the stations every 20 minutes to learn all three tricks. Our three volunteer teachers for the evening will be: Brian Hoffman, Bob Thomas and Chris Cory. Brian is planning to teach a newspaper trick, while Bob will be teaching either a rubber band or a 3-card monte routine… depending upon how the stars align that night! Chris has not yet shared what he will be teaching, but my money is on a card trick! Please bring a deck of cards to the meeting, just to be safe. Other necessary materials will be graciously provided by our teachers! The current plan is to have all three teachers perform their effects as part of our “opener,” which will allow them to move directly into the teaching when we start the “3-corners” portion of the meeting.

In addition to the above, the meeting will include our regular prize raffle, swap meet table, snacks, and, hopefully, some time left at the end for folks to perform anything new that they have been working on. The June meeting should provide lots of opportunities for everyone to win and/or learn some new magic, so we are looking forward to another great turnout!