Ring 280 Youth Reference Guide

The following items were taught or performed at an IBM Ring 280 Youth Meeting.

(Page numbers noted from Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic):


The Key Card Method/Turn Over Card p. 34

Spreading the Cards - The Ribbon Spread p153

Ribbon Spread Turnover p. 155

Coin-A-Go-Go p. 197

Bob's Coin Tie Equivalent: Grant's Super Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief p. 193


Cut and Restored Rope (2 methods) – p. 237 & 239

The Ring on Rope (A Reputation Maker) – p. 484

The Genii Cards - p. 164-171

Sleights with Coins

The French Drop – p. 186

The Finger Palm Vanish – p. 187

The Classic Palm – p. 190


The Triple Rope Trick – p. 242


Cut and Restored String – p. 247

Remember to practice, practice, practice and bring us your questions.