Mark Wilson 101: 
“The Complete Course in Magic”

Post date: Aug 22, 2011 8:48:24 PM

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Jewish holiday, September’s meeting has been moved to the third Thursday - September 16.

In planning a theme for this month’s meeting, there was a suggestion to have a “magic made famous by a particular magician.” Who would be a better magician to choose for starting this theme than our very own Mark Wilson and his book “The Complete Course in Magic”.

How many of us own this book? I would guess that 90% of our Ring members own this book. If they don’t they will probably get it at our next Holiday Party! It’s a treasure chest of magic - there are so many great effects in this book that we end up forgetting a lot of them. September is the time to go back into the book and bring something from it to perform. In addition, please make sure to bring the page number of the effect and be prepared to teach it. September will be a combination of performance-teaching.