May 2015: Wands, Canes, and Thumb Tips

Post date: May 05, 2015 10:29:15 PM

The May meeting will be another not-to-be-missed gathering. The meeting will begin with Mark Wilson Auction Part Deux. There are some exciting products to be auctioned off, so DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MARK WILSON DOLLARS. The auction items are described in Fred King’s article within this newsletter. After the Mark Wilson Auction we will conduct the officer installation ceremony. Come and support the installation of the new president and board of directors. We will conclude the meeting with theme performances and the theme raffle. The theme for May: Tricks with Wands and Canes. Oh, what the heck, why not thumb tips too, as someone else suggested that. So the May theme is: Wands, Canes, and Thumb Tips. It should be a fun meeting.