Always Ready to Go

Post date: Aug 23, 2011 2:52:19 AM

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What magical items do you always carry with you so you could perform at a moment’s notice? Please show us what you have, how you use it, and tell us a story of when it was used.

If you don't carry an item, what would you like to use? Is there something you would like to be more comfortable using? Bring your idea and share it with the Ring. We will try to pair you up with someone who can help you.

As always, when you perform to theme (this month includes asking for help too), you will earn $5 in Mark Wilson currency and be given a raffle ticket with the chance to win a free lecture at the Magic Apple (a $25 value).

When the theme magic is done, we have a Ring challenge. Scenario: You are at someone’s house and have no magic with you. They learn you are a magician and ask you to show them something. At the meeting, on a table, will be a number of non-magic specific items. Your challenge is to use one or more of these items as a magic trick. If you are able to complete this challenge, you will earn an additional $5 in Mark Wilson currency.