April: "31st Annual" The Fools of April Showcase!

Post date: Mar 12, 2012 4:35:0 PM

Don't miss the I.B.M Ring 280 April meeting: The Fools of April!

The highlight of the evening will be our "31st Annual" Fools of April Showcase! Prepare to be impressed by just how UN-impressive these fun performances will be. The point will be to see who can make the biggest fool of themselves in a magical performance, with the best demonstration of a trick or act gone wrong. (Think a levitating lady who falls in the middle of the trick; knocking over props at a key point in the act; going to find a selected card only to find the entire deck superglued together; having a volunteer sign a borrowed dollar only to have them arrested mid-trick for defacing government property; etc.) Have fun with it! We will be presenting these performances in a show/competition format (with an announcer, lighting, etc.), and the audience will vote for their favorite performance. The winner will receive $20 Mark Wilson Dollars which they can use in the auction that night! (No rules on voting, either, so you can vote for yourself, you can bribe people to vote for you, you can even bring friends and family to vote for you!)

We'll also be conducting our election for Ring 280 officers for the 2012-2013 term, as well as presenting the award for Opening Performer of the Year.

And we'll close the evening by conducting our best-yet Mark Wilson Dollars Auction, with hundreds of dollars worth of magic to be auctioned off. So for those of you who have earned Mark Wilson Dollars by participating and volunteering throughout the year, this is your chance to put them to great use!