Kainoa Harbottle Lecture 6/25/2020 7 PM

Post date: May 21, 2020 12:40:19 AM

An Evening with Kainoa Harbottle

Coin magic has a reputation of being extremely difficult to learn and even more challenging to perform. Kainoa Harbottle is on a mission to change all that. Author, performer, lecturer, and all around nice guy.

You’ll learn magic designed to look IMPOSSIBLE with squeaky clean methods, multiple climaxes and brand new techniques that you can start using almost right away. There’s something here for everyone; fun and easy coin magic for those just starting all the way to the knucklbusting stuff that’ll make even the most hardcore sweat.

On top of the tricks, Kainoa will teach you how to transform close-up magic into powerful stand-up miracles. Whether you’re a close-up worker, a stage guy, a coin gal, or just someone who loves INCREDIBLE magic, this is event for you.

Kainoa’s magic breathes new life into the tired phrase “right before your very eyes.” His performances represent his wish to share with others uncanny experiences—events that bring to life our desires. By making money appear from nowhere and proving that everyone can perform the impossible, Kainoa endeavors to make magical experiences meaningful to all.